Who Are We?

We are forming a new Political Party that believes the only way to create Global Peace and Security is to help Preserve all Distinct Races and all Individual Nations while protecting our own Race, Culture and Democratic Countries we built.  

What We Believe:


Once investigated by the FBI because it was funded heavily by Jewish Bankers who created Communism in Russia, there is growing concern Hollywood and the Mainstream Media are out to create a new form of Communist/Socialism and Destroy Democracy and Free Speech as they portray countries like China in a good light, while deliberately ignoring the subjugation and slaughter of peoples such as in Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen.

“Globalists want to destroy Individual Countries, Cultures and Nationalism, and instead create a global beige one world order soup.  Anyone who opposes their force fed Multiculturalism is automatically labelled a White Supremacists and or Nazi’.   Yet sadly it was Jewish International Bankers who created both Hitler and the Holocaust against their own people by pushing through the Treaty of Versailles to subjugate and take over Germany resulting in the German hatred for Jews and the creation of Hitler.  Black people who created the slave trade and sold their own people into slavery to the Arabs for thousands of years before White People  came along and still enslave and slaughter each other.   First Nations who first enslaved and slaughtered each other in North America.  Mexicans still act like Aztecs skinning each other alive in endless drug wars.  China runs over it’s own people with tanks to suppress Human Rights.  Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus of India slaughter each other, while Arab and Jews, continue their endless war in the name of God.”

“White People have the right to protect their Countries and Cultures without being called Racists or Supremacists, just like every other Race also has the right to protect their Countries and Cultures because while everyone including Religious and Gay People thrive in Democratic Countries created by White People, there are no Human Rights in Countries like China, Africa or the the Middle East where they run over their people with Tanks, Subjugate Women and Children, Suppress Free Speech or throw Gay people from the roof tops to their deaths.”  

Our goal is to work with the United Nations to protect the future of our planet by preserving the environment, restricting birthrates, creating Global Democracy to get rid of Communism, Dictatorships, Fanatical Religion and Illegal Drug Organizations, reversing multiculturalism and instead help create a better world for all races and cultures, while also protecting our own Race, Countries and Culture.  

To do so we need to build a new Political Party from the ground up that is not afraid to speak the truth, while also not feeling guilty for standing up for our own Race, Culture and the Democratic Countries we built.  

If you believe in our ideals, then please spread the word about our party.  

Sincerely The Catalyst Political Party

A Black Sudanese Woman said to her White Canadian Boyfriend:  “You  White People are such Cowards.  You build such beautiful Democracies, and then you let in all the trash to destroy them because you feel so guilty for Colonialism and are so afraid of being called Racists.  Yet the truth is every other race and culture did equal or far worse things to each other long before White People and Colonialism came along and every other Race is equally or far more Racist than White People are.  Sadly it was not Chinese, Arabs, East Indians or even our fellow Black Africans who rescued us from the North Sudanese Muslims.  It was White People and their Democracy.  And when White People are gone, so will Democracy be gone.  You have the right to protect yourselves just like everyone else.”

“There is no strength in diversity, there is only strength in unity, so as Democratic Countries grow weaker because of forced Multiculturalism, Countries like China grow stronger and more dangerous to Global Human Rights and Free Speech because of refusing Multiculturalism.”

Everyone wants to come live in Democratic Countries created by White People, while demanding their rights, still being loyal to their Mother Countries and then having the gall to call White People Racists and Supremacists for wanting to protect themselves.

The only way to create 'Global Peace and Security' is to 1. Ban Fanatical Religions. 2. Reverse Multiculturalism. 3. Instead help all Countries fix their problems while preserving All Distinct Races and Cultures.”